Wednesday 4 April 2018
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Infographic: 15 Brilliant Hacks that Will Sky-Rocket Your Organic CTR

Infographic: 15 Brilliant Hacks that Will Sky-Rocket Your Organic CTR

You know that organic CTR (click-through rate) is incredibly important.

Does organic click-through rate (CTR) impact your SERP’s rankings?

According to Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday insight, if your page is ranked in 4th position in SERPs, but receives a higher click-through rate than its competitors, Google might rank that page higher since many people have shown interest in that result.

You can produce the greatest content in the world. But if people do not click on it, then your efforts gone in waste.

Do you know why people are not clicking on your content? It’s may be your content have a boring headline.

That’s the reason why you need to optimize the website content to boost your organic CTR.

What if I tell you, using few simple hacks you can boost the organic click-through-rate by 40%.

So, what does it take to increase your organic CTR?

Here are 15 brilliant hacks that will sky-rocket your organic click-through rates (CTR) in no time.Click To Tweet

Infographic: How to Boost Your Organic CTR


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