Wednesday 4 April 2018
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Category: On-Page SEO


Infographic: 15 Brilliant Hacks that Will Sky-Rocket Your Organic CTR

You know that organic CTR (click-through rate) is incredibly important. Does organic click-through rate (CTR) impact your SERP’s...

HTTP to HTTPS Migration Checklist for better SEO

In this information age, users have access to infinite repository of information. However, it has its own challenges i.e., Data Security...

How to get your website indexed

How to get your website indexed instantly at Google using Sitemaps & Robots.txt

One of my friends met me a few weeks back and showed a website showcasing her newly launched coffee house business. It was clean and...


Search Engine Optimization Techniques: The Ultimate Guide

Search engine optimization or SEO is often about making minor adjustments to your website. These changes might look like regular...